Lovely baby match & memory training

Lovely baby match & memory training

Lovely baby match  & memory training is a game together with intelligence exploiting, acknowledge, learning and fun. It’s also a parent child game that parents can play together with child .
It’s suitable for babies more than 1 year old.
The game contains three parts:
1. lovely picture match
2. memory training
3. acknowledge book
There are all realistic pictures that we can usually see in life. Every object has its name and sound both in Chinese and English, and the Chinese name has its phonemic notation.



  1. 识图,适合1周岁以上的宝宝在父母陪同下认识事物,图片配有真人读音。
  2. 图片对对碰,适合稍大一点的宝宝, 匹配两个相同的图片,即可消除它们,消除所有的图片后胜利。针对不同年龄的宝宝,难度逐步增加。
  3. 记忆力训练,训练宝宝的记忆力,随着难度逐渐增加,也可适用于更大年龄的孩子或成年人。

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